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Colored portraits on the monument

Colored portraits on a monument are the best way to pay tribute to the deceased and leave a visible evidence of his memory.

Over time, the image of a close and beloved relative who has gone forever is erased from memories: the timbre of his voice, phrases, gait, look, character – everything that made up his personality is gradually forgotten. Those who were born after his death will know the deceased only from descriptions, stories of relatives and photographs. We are alive as long as the memory of us lives – such is the folk wisdom. A photograph immortalized in stone will preserve the memory of a deceased person for generations to come.

Our workshop employs true professionals in their field: for color engraving performed by hand, you need the talent of an artist. The photo will be transferred to the tombstone with the utmost precision, including the most subtle shades of color and nuances of shadows – this allows you to convey individual features and create a special atmosphere in the cemetery.


Colored engraving on the monument: advantages

The tradition of decorating tombstones with portraits appeared a long time ago. Color engraving is the most durable way to preserve an image, but also the most expensive one in existence. But the price of engraving a portrait in color is more than compensated for by the final result: you will get a high-quality durable image – an exact copy of the original.

Color engraving can completely transform a monument – it conveys the full depth of a portrait, landscape or other painting, due to which maximum realism is achieved. The burial will look like an elite piece of art and will attract attention.

It’s all about the technique of execution – first, the drawing is applied with a laser, and then manually painted with special paints with a high UV protection rate. Coating with a special varnish allows you to maximize the lifespan of the monument, protecting the image from the influence of sunlight, temperature extremes, rain and snow.

Our craftsmen have the necessary skill and talent to create a high-quality color portrait that will organically look on the monument. Much depends on the original photo: we will help you choose the best option and, if necessary, restore and retouch it. If the original is presented in black and white, and you want a color photo for the monument, then our specialists will be able to color it without losing quality. We work to ease your grief and keep your loved one in memory for a long time.