Memorial granite complexes are a complex composition that includes not only a monument, but also aggregate elements. Such an architectural ensemble not only ennobles the burial, but also attracts attention.

Granite complex: monumental completeness

The granite complex includes not only a monument: additional details add integrity to it, creating a design and placing appropriate semantic accents.

What is included in the luxury granite monuments, besides the tombstones:

  1. Flowerpots. In some cases, relatives prefer to cover the entire space with granite – this gets rid of weeds on the site. To enliven the composition, special flower zones are highlighted and built-in vases are mounted in certain places.
  2. Tables and benches. Zoning of space involves the allocation of a separate zone intended for those who came to commemorate the deceased.
  3. Fences and plinths. Visually separate the burial and limit the space.
  4. Figures of angels, crosses and other symbols.
  5. Steles, sculptures and other small architectural forms.

Granite complexes from the Workshop of Monuments

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