The vertical monument is the most popular type of gravestone. A variety of forms will allow you to arrange the burial according to your preferences, creating a single composition with other elements of the grave beautification. Such a complex will stand out for its respectability, sophistication and serve as a worthy embodiment of memory.
Typical models of vertical monuments

Vertical monuments: benefits

Vertical memorials per grave can be designed for 1, 2 or more graves. There are many ready-made solutions in the company’s catalog, but if you cannot find an option that suits you, then you can always develop an individual project. Employees Monumenty.UKR Dnepropetrovsk have sufficient qualifications to embody any idea in stone.

  • Vertical granite monuments have a number of advantages:
  • Durability of the material: it is resistant to temperature extremes, weathering and precipitation.
  • Reliability and durability: this material is less susceptible to mechanical stress.
  • Aesthetics. A granite headstone is able to create a unique atmosphere at the burial site.
  • Cost: There is a wide range of prices for vertical granite monuments, so you can always find an option that fits into your budget.

Vertical granite monuments: design

A variety of models of vertical granite monuments allows you to arrange the burial in accordance with the tastes of the customer. In addition to a rectangular slab, a tombstone can be made in the form of an obelisk, cross, candle, silhouette, angel, heart, semicircle and other desired shape. Some models provide for installation not only on one grave: this allows you to create a single complex for related burials.

With the help of additional finishing (color and black-and-white engraving, application of other decorative elements), you can create a unique monument that conveys the personality of the deceased, telling about his habits and life. In order for our customers to have an idea of how the finished product will look like, there is a 3D modeling service.

Why do customers choose our workshop

Our skill is confirmed by numerous customer reviews – over 16 years of work, we have completed more than 6500 orders. We are focused on the result, which is the sum of several factors:

  1. Friendly team of specialists.
  2. Continuous professional development.
  3. High quality materials.
  4. Modern equipment.
  5. Working with full dedication.

All artistic elements (engraving, painting) are performed by one of the most talented artists of Dnepropetrovsk – Taya. They do not come to this profession by chance: Taya began 20 years ago with icon painting, and the technique she mastered helps her to transfer photographs to the monument with the smallest accuracy and absolute similarity: this maximally conveys the character of a person. You can get acquainted with the works in the gallery on the site monuments.ukr , and a convenient feedback form will help you quickly resolve all your questions.

We carry out the whole range of work, from photo retouching to the improvement of the burial site and restoration work. We guarantee excellent quality at every stage. The vertical monument made of granite made by Monuments.UKR in the Dnieper will perfectly fulfill the main function: to keep the memory of a departed relative for many years.