Double monuments

Double monuments are the most optimal way to arrange a family burial. This tradition is rooted in the distant past, and was revived in the coming century, acquiring unique features.
Каталог типовых форм

Varieties of double monuments

The increased area of the monument provides more space for expressing the individuality of the departed relative. The shape of the tombstone should also be taken into account: the content and general style of the composition depend on it.

  • Vertical: individual canvases, directed upward. They are united by a common stylistic solution and design.
  • Horizontal: one-piece canvas, the component parts of which can be a flower zone, a gravestone and other structural elements.
  • Mixed. Combines the characteristics of vertical and horizontal types.

Any composition can be supplemented at the request of the customer: flowerpots, sculptures, crosses, arches, unusual figurines, fences, benches, tables and other elements.

There are many models of double monuments in our catalog – you can choose any of them. We work with individual orders: according to your idea, we change the configuration, add certain elements of decoration, we will help you

How to choose

The price of double monuments per grave depends on several factors: material, model and additional work. Elite monuments created according to individual sketches are more expensive, but when decorating a family burial, it is more profitable to install one monument for two than a personal tombstone for each grave.

The best option for making a monument is granite. It has a long service life, is easy to maintain and has excellent artistic characteristics. A cheaper analogue is gabbro-dibaz, which has proven itself well in the production of ritual goods.

The advantages of natural stone:

  1. Resistant to UV rays, precipitation, temperature extremes.
  2. Durability and ease of care.
  3. A large selection of natural shades and textures.

The term of work depends on the design of the tombstone: typical monuments are made faster than exclusive models. Our workshop stores blanks for standard tombstones – this reduces the waiting time.

If you have any questions for our specialists, please use the feedback form. We provide services for the comprehensive improvement of burials in Dnepropetrovsk and the region: by contacting our workshop, you get a high-quality work done without imposed services.

Photos of double monuments: