Monument installation

We provide our clients with services for the installation of granite monuments in Dnepropetrovsk and the region.

Each granite monument is installed on a solid concrete base, and 3 concrete partitions are used that lie horizontally on the base. It is this method of installation that guarantees the durability of the monument, eliminates the sinking and tilting of the monument!

Before installing a granite monument, you need to consider the following points:

  • Installation of a granite monument is desirable after 6-12 months after burial.
  • The cost of the installation takes into account all consumables (cement, quarry, etc.), as well as the work of the installers.
  • Warranty – Lifetime.

Approximate installation cost: 15% of the cost of the monument.

* The cost depends on the following factors: the location of the grave and the complexity of the work. (As well as: dismantling of old monuments, cleaning from bushes, garbage removal)

Get acquainted with the process of installing a granite monument in Dnepropetrovsk