Bas-relief on the monument

A bas-relief on the monument – it will wipe the deceased (up to the shoulders, up to the waist, or at full height) or another pattern that protrudes on the stele by almost half of its actual size. In our workshop you can order a bas-relief of any complexity at competitive prices.
How the bas-relief is made:
The bas-relief is made on monuments from natural materials – gabbro, granite, marble, basalt, labradorite. These rocks are highly durable, resistant to destruction, thermal and mechanical stress. Thanks to this, the monument with a bas-relief will preserve its integrity and beauty for many years.
With the help of a bas-relief on the tombstone, not only the image of the deceased can be carved, but various decorative patterns – flowers, candles, a cross, the face of a saint and others. Carved images of objects are made on an individual order, for example, corresponding to the hobbies of the deceased or his professional activity – a car, a guitar, a book.
Making a bas-relief:
Creating a bas-relief for a monument is a difficult and time-consuming process. It takes a lot of time to complete such an element – a clear cut of the smallest details is important so that the image turns out to be identical to the original. During the production process, the dimensions of the monument and the size of the bas-relief itself are taken into account – the pattern should become a single whole with the stele.
The process of creating a bas-relief for a monument includes several stages – marking the contour of the element, cutting the image, grinding and polishing, artistic and decorative design. Only due to the observance of the entire sequence of the production process, a beautiful and high-quality bas-relief will be obtained.

How to order?
The Monuments Workshop is engaged in the manufacture of monuments with a bas-relief and other models of gravestones from high-quality natural materials in the shortest possible time. Having our own workshop allows us to create not only standard products, but also to produce monuments according to individual projects.
You can order a monument with a bas-relief or apply for the creation of an exclusive memorial product through our website, by phone or by sending a letter with the order criteria to the company’s e-mail.