Our cooperation with the customer does not end on the day the monument or memorial complex is erected at the cemetery.


We constantly: – check the safety of the monument.

We believe that this is how real professionals work: they just do what they have to.

We do not abandon our work, as well as our clients.

We know and love all our projects because we are not ashamed of them.

We maintain warm relations with each of our clients,
we become a faithful contractor in everything related to stone processing.

Free layout of the monument

Order a free model of the monument and you will see how it will look before buying it.

Monuments catalog

In our catalog you will definitely find what you need exactly for you.

And if you don’t like any of the models, then together with you we will develop a unique model of the monument, taking into account all your wishes.

The range of services provided:

We want to make the service as simple and convenient as possible for our clients, therefore we offer a comprehensive package of services:

  • Manufacturing of monuments from granite , marble, gabbro, gravestones.
  • Installation of monuments , sculptures, granite fences.
  • Artistic work on granite.
  • Plating of inscriptions in gold, silver, gold leaf.
  • Colored portraits , statures, half-statures, landscapes.
  • Preparation of the sketch of the monument, 3D Design of the monument.
  • Photo restoration, photomontage for the monument.
  • Sculptures, busts and bas-reliefs of any complexity.
  • Paintings, icons, and saints in stone.
  • Sculptures and baryliefs made of bronze.
  • Restoration of monuments and burial places.

Briefly about us:

1. We provide a variety of assortments and competitive prices.

2. We take into account the wishes of each client.

3. Thanks to the creative ideas and experience of our employees, we make monuments, tombstones and artistic sculptures of any complexity that stand out from ordinary serial and mass products.

4. We offer a variety of design options: inlay, cladding.

5. We employ some of the best specialists in the city.

High quality services and a satisfied customer are our top priorities!

How to contact us?