Decoration of monuments

The decoration of the monuments makes it possible to give it individuality, to reveal the character of the person who has rested under him and to tell about his feelings for him. The best artists with extensive experience work in our granite workshop – they are able to breathe life into the stone and make it speak.

Options for the decoration of monuments in the Dnieper

There are several of the most popular categories used to decorate a monument. All samples are presented in our catalog, and at your request, a personal project will be created in which several decorative elements will be combined.

  • The photo. One of the most common ways to decorate a headstone. Our specialists will be able to process and restore any photograph, even a very old and blurry one – the result of their work will be an excellent image on the tombstone.
  • Drawing. If the free surface area allows you to transfer a volumetric photo or picture to it, then this method of decoration is preferable. Often, the reverse side of the slab is used for this – this makes it possible to create a complete design of the entire complex.
  • Symbols and individual structural elements. Often, images of candles, wings, flowers, hearts, animals, birds, military equipment and cars, commemorative medals and insignia received by the deceased are added to the composition. This also includes religious symbolism – it is selected depending on the religion of the deceased.
  • Epitaphs, vignettes, frames. They are used to place semantic accents and create a complete image of the tombstone. There are many fonts for engraving inscriptions – a 3D model will show how they will look on the finished product.
  • Other techniques and techniques: highlighting lines and letters with gold leaf, creating bas-reliefs, etc.

In our work, we use high-quality materials and modern methods of stone processing. All this makes it possible to achieve a unique result – the monument to the grave will become a real work of art and will tell the descendants about the distant relative buried under it.

If you have ideas for the design of a tombstone, you can discuss them with our manager: we will answer all your questions and calculate the final cost of decorating the monuments for the grave.