Taya artist

Taya artist

The final appearance of the monument largely depends on how well the fonts of the inscriptions, drawings or other artistic elements are combined with the architectural solution. Creating a harmonious ensemble, conveying the feeling of customers in stone, preparing photos or images is the task of our artist Tai.

Taya is a professional with over twenty years of experience.

She began with icon painting, and many of her icons were sold abroad.

In the process of writing the faces of the saints, Taya perfected the skill of a portrait painter, the ability to convey not only facial features, but also the character of a person in the image.

Each portrait created by Taya allows you to see the soul, creates the feeling that loved ones are still nearby, as if just about

smile and speak.

For about fifteen years our artist has been working with stone, in particular with granite. During this time, Taya has developed more than a dozen memorials and monuments. All her projects are distinguished by refined taste, elegance and laconicism.

When developing sketches, the artist must take into account the opinion of the customers, their religion and religious traditions, but at the same time he makes sure that the result is refined and harmonious.

This approach is not just a master’s diligence, but an understanding of how important it is to help each client to perpetuate the memory of loved ones who have passed away.

Experience, love for his work, impeccable taste – all this is inherent in the artist Taya.