Children’s monuments

Children’s monuments are the last gift from parents to a deceased child. It is not logical, not correct and not fair when children leave life earlier – but this happens, and we must somehow continue to live on. Our workshop staff understands the depth of the grief that befell your family. We cannot turn back time, but it is in our power to help you adequately guide your angel to heaven.

Monuments for children: types and features

Children’s monuments can be of the most varied forms. Traditionally, small marble monuments are preferred. The white color of the stone symbolizes the purity and innocence of the soul that has flown away. He is also appreciated for a certain transparency of the texture: figures and tombstones are light, as if floating.

Granite products are more durable. A wide range of colors allows you to create a unique design: different colors and textures of the stone are combined. You can combine granite and marble: such tombstones are unusual and beautiful.

Common types of monuments for children:

  • Vertical, representing a canvas on which a portrait and other decorative elements are applied. It can be of a classic rectangular shape, but most often there are models with curly edges.
  • A monument made in the form of a book, a tear, a heart, a female figure hugging a baby, the first letter of a name, a butterfly, cubes, a stroller or a cradle, a flower, toys, and the like.
  • Complex multi-piece monuments. Most often these are the figures of angels: dozing in a cradle of wings, leaning on a stone and others.

For adolescents who have passed away, when choosing a tombstone, they are guided by their aspirations and hobbies that characterize their personality.

Children’s monuments: design methods

At all times, monuments for children were special: parents, regardless of income, tried to perpetuate the memory of their sons and daughters. On ancient necropolises, there are gravestones with touching inscriptions and sculptural compositions.

  • The name of the deceased can be applied not in a strict, but in a diminished-affectionate form, as the child was called in the family and close people.
  • Epitaphs: Put your feelings and emotions into words.
  • Mosaics from which a portrait or other image is laid out.
  • Sculptures. They can be of different sizes, serve instead of a tombstone or supplement it.
  • Bas-relief or gems. The relief image on the stone of various symbols.

Decorating a children’s monument is an important task. The company’s catalog contains many samples of finished products – you can imagine how the monument will look after installation. We also work with individual orders – our artists understand at a glance what you want to get in the end. The unique style and design of the monument is the end result of their labors.

Symbols most often found in the design of monuments for children:

  1. Rainbow, clouds, sun.
  2. Butterflies, dragonflies, wings.
  3. Cherubs and angels.
  4. Children’s toys: rattles, bears, balls and others.
  5. Figures depicting the departed or full-length portraits.

Often, the memorial complex is decorated with additional structural elements: vases, eternal lamps and lanterns, statues.

Children’s monuments in the Dnieper

In this difficult life period, you can entrust our workshop with the production of the monument and the arrangement of the burial. Tactfulness, empathy, compassion are not just empty words for our employees. We delicately find out your wishes and work in strict accordance with them. The result of our cooperation is a unique project that fully reflects the unique personality traits of a deceased child and conveys your grief from loss.

We guarantee quality: the best materials, modern methods of stone processing and protection, decoration – all this allows us to be confident in our words. If you have any questions, you can always contact our manager or use the feedback form.