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Photo engraving on the monument
Half-height color photo on the monument
color photo on the monument

Our company carries out orders for engraving portraits and other images. When developing a unique design for the monument, we use our own collection of artistic fonts, crosses, churches, icons, frames and vignettes. The collection is constantly updated. We will transfer any drawing to the stone.

Engraving – photography on stone

First, we prepare a photo for engraving. At your request, we remove existing defects in the image. If necessary, we restore a photograph that has lost its appearance over time or a low-quality photograph. Taking into account the wishes of clients and the prevailing religious traditions, our artist will make inscriptions, develop a suitable design for the portrait. We can select several options for the design of the monument so that you can choose the option that suits you best.

Then the image prepared on the computer is transferred to the stone. It is best to choose the highest quality grades of black granite (dolerite or gabbro) for engraving a portrait. Artistic engraving on a good, high-quality stone, characterized by a homogeneous and fine-grained structure, will be weather-resistant. Such an image will undoubtedly turn out to be very clear and will still look just as beautiful even after a long time after the installation of the monument.
It should be noted that the engraving process is carried out on advanced engraving equipment. This ensures photographic similarity of the portrait with the provided original photograph, accurate reproduction of all halftones, perfectly even graceful letters and high-quality copying of drawings on stone.

Colored portraits on the monument


Colored portraits on the surface of the monument are more difficult to apply, and their price is slightly higher than traditional engraving .

Nevertheless, today color images are gaining popularity, they help to make the monument brighter and more expressive, convey the individual traits of the deceased, and create a special atmosphere. Works made with Italian paints in several layers are not afraid of exposure to the sun, and varnishing allows you to protect the portrait for many years.

If you want your monument to look like a work of art, then choose a color portrait painting.

Photo for portrait

In matters of quality, the photograph with which the portrait will be made plays an important role. The photo should not be blurry; the facial features of the deceased should be clearly visible on it. You can provide several pictures, then our specialists will help you choose the best option so that the portrait on the monument is of high quality and is as similar to the original as possible.

Photos for approval of the sketch you can bring to us personally, or send by e-mail .

We will be happy to provide you with stone engraving services, we will try to take into account all your wishes and make high quality durable products.