Dear Maxim and all employees of the Monuments Workshop! I am very grateful to you for your impeccable and high-quality work, for an individual and professional approach to each customer (in terms of price, quality and timing of the production of monuments), tolerance, emotional and psychological preparation, iron restraint and a very restrained and modest smile towards me as a too picky and demanding customer. The sketch, the quality, the design, the price of the monument, the terms of payment and manufacture, the installation of the product, everything suits me more than. A huge and special thanks to the artist for the extraordinary beauty of my mother’s photo, it feels like she is alive and will blink now. You know not a single budget pensioner has such a monument in the Petropavlovsk region. And I am proud that I found such a Workshop of Monuments, which built a whole exclusive Mausoleum for my mother (she was a beauty during her lifetime, which means that after death she deserves a gorgeous and ideal monument). I advise everyone who has not yet decided on the choice of a workshop and wants a worthy and unique memorial complex for their deceased relatives to contact only Maxim Yakovlev in the city of Dnepropetrovsk, Workshop of Monuments.
And to you personally, Maxim, I want to wish you good health and God forbid that all your relatives and friends are always with you and never leave you!
Elena Skripnik

… high-class masters … Very smart guys. I will not say that they work quickly, far from it. And their services are not cheap at all, BUT … But the work is done very efficiently.
Even at the stage of designing monuments to my recently deceased parents (I ordered a rather complex complex of monuments, which, if necessary, can be converted into a crypt, the possibility of subburials, etc.), the guys, having listened to my wishes, prepared a project of a rather complex engineering structure. This project was revised, cleaned up, improved several times. And all because THEY wanted to do everything the way it would be best for the customer. It is interesting that our joint work lasted almost six months. Probably, we could meet three, and at the same time they would receive almost the same money, but, accordingly, twice as fast. But this would have happened if they had simply fulfilled my initial wishes and would have done everything quickly. Instead, Maxim (as far as I understood, he is the director of this company – a young guy, very tactful, laconic) periodically convinced me of the advisability of changing or supplementing one or another detail in the project, or even suggested that I fundamentally change some of my decisions.
The result was a complex that exceeded all my expectations. I am absolutely satisfied and I hope that my parents also like their monuments very much …
Alexey Anatolyevich Dzhusov

They ordered a monument for their son in May 2014. Since before that there was a deplorable experience, the choice of the company was treated carefully. The order was completed very quickly and efficiently. I was struck by the attitude towards clients, which is beyond praise (and there was something to compare with, they monitored from half a dozen companies). And all this against the backdrop of very reasonable prices. The quality of work begins already with the attitude to the order: they don’t pull money from the client, don’t try to sell something or shove off responsibility for the decision, they are sympathetic to changes, even to whims. You just need to say the idea as you see it, and approve the version of the solution, built so competently that there is simply nothing to complain about, even if you wish. No one needs to be tugged, controlled,
The installation was also carried out with high quality and immediately after production. In parallel, work was also carried out on the improvement of the burial and the laying of tiles. Separately, I would like to note the work of the team of installers. This is the first time I meet workers who do not have to stand above their hearts and dictate every movement. And what is not a little important – after itself everything was cleaned up, there was no mountain of garbage.
This company takes the organization of work and the selection of talented personnel seriously, so the client does not feel like a cash cow, but as if in a circle of friends, not afraid of being thrown, and at the same time gets everything he wanted, quickly and at a competitive price.
I recommend this manufacturer, excellent service, maximum attention to the client, help in choosing a product. Many thanks to your organization for the speed of production and reverent attitude! Special thanks to the artist. Thank you for seeing samples on the site. We will recommend it to everyone we know. Good luck with the business you need.

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