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  • We are engaged in the manufacture of granite monuments and granite complexes of any complexity and size.
  • You can also order a granite fence , granite plates, a table and a bench from us.
  • In addition to manufacturing, we are engaged in the installation of granite monuments throughout Ukraine, a full range of services.
  • We provide a guarantee for our products, which is 10 years. The cost depends on the type of material and the complexity of the work.
  • You can find out the cost of a granite monument directly by phone .
  • You can estimate the cost approximately by visiting the catalog of monuments and the section of our works .


Комплекс предоставляемых услуг:
    • Manufacturing of monuments in Dnepropetrovsk.
    • Manufacturing of monuments from granite, marble, gabbro.
    • Making sculptures from granite and marble.
    • Making bas-reliefs from granite and marble.
    • Installation of monuments , sculptures, granite fences .
    • Artistic work on granite.
    • Plating with gold, silver, primer.
    • Colored portraits and photos on the monument, growths, half-growths, landscapes, icons, on granite.
    • Preparation of the sketch of the monument, 3D Design of the monument .
    • Photo restoration, photo retouching for the monument.
    • Paintings, icons, and portraits in stone.
    • Making columns from granite.
    • Manufacturing of granite countertops, steps, tables.