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Manufacturing of monuments to order. Optimal price and quality

Dear and close to us people leave this world – with this, unfortunately, nothing can be done. But to honor their memory properly is the sacred duty of all those who were not indifferent to the departed. Yes, no one can say with certainty whether those who prematurely departed from Heaven see our efforts or not; having erected a beautiful, high-quality monument, you, first of all, remove the “stone” from your soul. After all, up to this moment, you must admit, conscience gnaws. Questions arise as to how well I care for the memory of the deceased, whether he is offended by me, looking from Heaven, whether I am doing everything right, etc. The monument to the untimely departed person is, first of all, complacency. And perpetuating the memory of the one who played an important role in your life.

Why is the perpetuation of the memory of a loved one worth entrusting to us?

For many years we have been holding a leading position in this segment – despite the colossal level of competition. The secret of our success is extremely simple – we provide quality service at reasonable prices. Yes, you can find offers on the Internet that are “cheaper” than ours, but when ordering from us, you will clearly understand what exactly you are paying for.

Among the most significant advantages of cooperation with our company, clients note the following:

  1. 100% quality assurance. We do what we were paid to do. And no dirty tricks. Most likely, it is to this advantage that we owe our popularity.
  2. Wide assortment and relatively loyal pricing policy.
  3. Execution of work in strict accordance with the wishes of the client.
  4. Exclusivity. The presence of many creative ideas and experience of our employees allows us to fulfill orders of any complexity, which by their design are completely different from serial and mass products. It is possible to manufacture monuments, tombstones and art sculptures on an individual order.
  5. Several options for decoration are offered: inlaying, facing and others.
  6. Using our own developments and author’s techniques. We employ the best specialists in the city, who have worked out countless professional tricks and techniques. You can be sure that all of them will be used in order to fulfill your order with the highest quality.

A positive assessment of our work by a client is our main priority!

Quality monuments made to last

Unfortunately, nowadays not all companies specializing in the production of memorial complexes behave honestly towards their customers. A typical situation is using a cheap and less durable material instead of paid material (for example, chips instead of granite). Customers, for the most part, do not have the opportunity to check the compliance of the product with the stated requirements, and unscrupulous companies actively use this. As a result, an expensive monument falls into disrepair within 5-6 years after installation and requires repair.

That is why it makes sense to cooperate with us – for all the years of work, there has not yet been a single person who would be dissatisfied with the services provided. The company has been on the market for many years and values its hard-built reputation very much, therefore, under no circumstances will it allow the substitution of material or the use of any other “tricks” actively used by firms specializing in the manufacture of monuments.

What do we offer?

By contacting our company, the client will be able to order a full range of services, one way or another related to the improvement of the burial. A turnkey service is provided – if I may put it that way in this aspect. Simply put, entrusting us with the care of the burial of a loved one, you will receive a full range of services and, having come to the same place a second time, you will see a beautiful and ennobled grave. A comprehensive package of services includes:

  • Manufacturing of tombstones and monuments of any complexity using different materials (granite, marble and gabbro are in the greatest demand).
  • Installation of manufactured monuments, sculptures and granite fences.
  • Artistic painting on granite.
  • Enrichment of the inscriptions – covering them with gold, silver, gold leaf.
  • Making color portraits and other images (including icons) that the client wishes to see on the monument to the deceased. Restoration of old photos is possible.
  • Creation of a sketch of the monument, its 3D design.
  • Volumetric products – sculptures, busts and bas-reliefs. The professionalism of our employees allows us to fulfill an order of any complexity.
  • Manufacturing of bronze sculptures and bas-reliefs.
  • Restoration of monuments damaged by time and actions of vandals, as well as burial places.

How to order a monument?

Understanding the difficult state of mind of the client, as well as his busyness in solving issues in one way or another related to the departure of a loved one, we do our best to accept the order as quickly as possible and satisfy all the wishes of the client. In order to order a monument from us, it is enough:

  1. Contact our managers in any way convenient for you and clarify the requirements for the monument being made: the preferred production time and the date when the monument is planned to be installed, the budget allocated for this business, the form, materials of the product, as well as its dimensions.
  2. It is also necessary to inform the place where the monument is to be delivered, as well as the size of the site on which it will be installed.
  3. Approve the project (if we are talking about custom-made manufacturing).
  4. Pay for the work of the masters.

That’s all. Your duty to the deceased can be considered fulfilled.