Calvary and chapels

Granite chapels are one of the types of memorials for the grave. Together with the tombstone, the cross with the calvary, they can be attributed to the Orthodox type. Our company has been manufacturing memorial products for over twenty years. We offer our clients a wide range of monuments in the cemetery.

You can order any of the presented samples of chapels from our company for arranging the burial place of a deceased relative, or provide your own sketch of the project.

Chapel-shaped monument

The memorial to the grave of the chapel is one of the most beautiful items. Basically, we order the production of such a tombstone from granite, less often from marble. It got its name on the basis of the form – it is copied by Orthodox chapels. But there are several variations here as well.

Chapels made of granite can be made in the form of a stele, on which a portrait and inscriptions are placed. It is framed by small columns, and the top of the monument is made in the form of a roof, which is crowned with a dome with a cross. This is the simplest type of chapel, slightly larger than a standard monument.

The chapel monument can be a smaller prototype of the architectural structure of the same name. That is, a stele is installed, and a chapel is located on it – a roof with a dome is located on four columns without walls. Alternatively, there is an arch, which is also topped by a traditional church dome. The chapel-shaped monument is a monolithic product; the necessary information is engraved on one of the walls.