Monuments with an arch

Being engaged in the improvement of the burial place and the installation of a permanent monument, everyone gives preference to one or another type of tombstone.

Some choose simple and concise models, while others, on the contrary, prefer more complex designs.

One kind of such non-standard and elite memorials are arch monuments.

Monuments with an arch

Monuments with an arch combine beauty and laconicism. This original tombstone makes the burial stand out from the general background due to its non-standard appearance – that is why more and more clients of our workshop choose it as a monument to the grave.

The arch monument has a deep meaning – this is the second reason for its popularity: we condemn words to form in order to be able to communicate with those who have left us forever. The upward-directed plane symbolizes the flight of a departed soul and gives hope to meet her in a better world. Memento mori – remember death and how the border between life and nothingness is unsteady.

Arch monument: varieties

Among the whole variety of models, there are several main groups. What are arch-shaped monuments?

  • Classic. Such traditional compositions have strict forms and a minimum of decor: often a portrait and an epitaph are depicted on the surface.
  • Curly. The upper part of the monument is made in the form of a cross or other figure.
  • Difficult. In addition to the tombstone, the composition includes additional elements: sculptures, bas-reliefs, columns, fences and others. Their presence makes it possible to create a magnificent memorial complex.

Monuments with an arch in Dnepropetrovsk can be ordered in our workshop. The catalog will help you make your choice, and the sketch and the 3D project created on its basis will allow you to imagine how your chosen model will look like. We always take into account the wishes of customers and modify the sample for individual requests. The artistic taste of our specialists allows us to create a unique composition that will perpetuate the memory of a deceased relative.

Granite or Marble?

Natural materials are most often used in the manufacture: they look noble and retain their aesthetic characteristics for a long time. Some models combine granite and marble: the transparent texture of white stone is beautifully set off by solid granite. A contrasting technique is also used when combining granite of different colors and textures: this technique allows you to create non-trivial solutions that attract attention at first sight.

An arch monument made of stone is more expensive – an alternative is a tombstone made of polymer granite or concrete mixed with granite chips. Subject to the manufacturing and installation technology, the service life of such a monument is calculated in decades.

In our workshop, you can order the whole range of works on the improvement of the burial: our experience, professionalism and numerous reviews of satisfied customers are the best recommendations.