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European monuments

European monuments are a separate category of gravestones that differ from the rest in their unusual shape. This tradition comes from Europe, where gravestones in the form of a heart, an open book or asymmetrical edges are not uncommon for a long time.

European monuments: stylish classics

European monuments to the grave are characterized by restrained elegance, grandeur and beauty. It is important to observe the stylistic norm when creating a tombstone, so that the severity of lines and forms does not become a caricature pretentiousness – this entirely depends on the talent and taste of the artist.

A variety of shapes and decorations allows you to create a beautiful memorial complex that stands out from the general range. Typically, a composition contains the following elements:

  • Columns and arches.
  • Wings, sails, flowers, angels and similar schematic images.
  • Asymmetrical geometric shapes.
  • Statues, sculptures, pedestals.
  • Paired monuments for several burials.

European monument: what is made of

European monuments are made of natural stone: marble or granite. For decoration, the following techniques are used:

  • Stone engraving or carving. Any drawing (including a portrait), epitaph, religious and other symbols can be applied to the surface.
  • Photo of the deceased. To protect it from external factors, it is placed in a frame.
  • Plating of individual elements with gold leaf, palladium, silver.

All models can be found in the product catalog – and if you need an exclusive work, our masters will create a sketch that fully meets your needs.